Rates and Packages

Clyde’s Camp Rates and Packages include those for Dog Boarding, Day Play and Dog Grooming. 

Clyde’s Camp rates are as follows:

The prices are per night. Any dogs sharing a bunkroom must be from the same household.  

bounce-out-square-cc-icons“Get The Bounce Out”
  • Dogs over 50lbs – If you have an active pup that loves to play and explore than this is the program for him. The standard day includes; trail walks; supervised outdoor play time on real grass; and overnight camp in a 10’x6’ room with a comfortable Karunda bed – $55
  • Dog less than 50lbs – The standard day includes; trail walks; supervised outdoor play time on real grass; and overnight camp in a 6’x6’ room with a comfortable Kaunda bed- $50


Rates and Packages“Little and Tired Legs Day”
  • Small dogs under 25lbs and older dogs: Some pups may not be quite up to all the energy and activity of Get the Bounce Out. For those pups that still enjoy being outside and walks in the woods at their own pace, then this is the program for them.
  • The day will be filled with just the right amount of activity, stimulation and rest. The standard day includes outdoor play time and  overnight camp with a comfortable Kaunda bed – $40


Rates and Packages“Trim the Fat Camp”

For the cuddly pooch who loves their treats just a little too often and needs to lose weight. We will take your loved one and design a weight loss program with a local vet. This will be geared toward safe, comfortable weight loss. Programs are designed on a basis of exercise and an appropriate diet. Starting at $400 per wk., depending on your pets needs we require a one-week min. stay, although a minimum of two-weeks is recommended. Your pets well-being is our top priority.


Rates and Packages“Extended Disaster Stays”

If you have been unlucky enough to be the victim of a fire, flood, sickness or another disaster that has impacted your ability to look after your pet in your own home, we can provide a great temporary place for your loved one to stay. We know from personal experience how devastating a disaster can be and how much easier it is to know your four legged family member(s) is being well-cared for.

We work with you to provide a comfortable, low stress home for your furry friend during this traumatic time. You get to spend quality time with your pet, and we will help to support the needs of both you and your loved one. Where possible we will work with your insurance company to take care of your pets needs and remove the burden from you. If you need emergency help please call us.


difficult-dog-square-cc-icons“Difficult To Board Dogs”

If you have a dog that struggles around other dogs we can still provide boarding.  Your pet can be separated from others at Clyde’s Camp while still feeling apart of the camp. We have dedicated sleeping and supervised play areas away from the other campers where your dog can still “Get the Bounce Out”.  Your dog will play outside on real grass and will be walked on its own around our trails. Of course, your pet will also receive lots of love and attention from all our staff. Please call us to customize a package for your pet.


Rates and Packages“Day Play” 

We do have a limited number of places per day for Day Play. Your dog will be able to play with the boarding campers all day. As a result, your pup will come home happy and tired each day.  If you are interested in this service please contact us to discuss. – $35 per day

Check out our new Frequent Farm Dog discount program for savings on pre-bookings for Day Play.




Please Note: Prices are subject to change. Please check with us for our latest Rates and Packages.