Packing Check ListPacking Check List

We have put together a Packing Check List for you to make sure we have everything your dog might need for a visit to Clyde’s Camp.

If you have any questions, please discuss these with us prior to your visit.


What to back for your dog’s stay at Clyde’s Camp

  • We can provide food or you can bring your own. Please confirm food pricing with us prior to your dogs stay as this will depend on your dog’s size. If you do bring your dog’s own food from home, please pack dry food in individual bags for each meal and bring sufficient cans of wet food for your stay – This ensures that your pet has sufficient food for its stay with us and we won’t have to change their food regime part of the way through their stay. Please mark clearly all containers with your pet(s) names.
  • We provide all bowls for food and water and all feeding scoops. Glass containers are prohibited.
  • If your dog likes special treats please pack those. We do not recommend raw-hide chews as your dog can choke on them.
  • Small beds are optional (but must be washable) and if your dog is used to sleeping in a crate please bring it with you.
  • If you bring vitamins or medicines please bring them in the original bottle marked clearly with pet’s name.
  • Your dog’s larger toys are welcome, with the exception of tennis balls.
  • Please don’t forget to pack your dogs leash and collar. Please make sure all collars have a name tag, and are in good working condition.

If your dog has any other special item that you would like to bring, please discuss this with us prior to your visit. We try to accommodate all requests but, for safety reasons, may refuse certain items.