Our Story

or, How We Got Adopted by a Big Boisterous Lab!

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Clyde running in fenced paddocks

Our Story

Clyde’s Camp is a unique, 138-acre dog boarding facility located in Canton, GA. We provide a relaxing, safe, intimate environment and consistent interaction and attention to keep your dog happy and unstressed. Our caring and dedicated staff makes sure that every need is met. Around-the-clock supervision ensures that your dog has a safe and enjoyable stay.

Dogs that stay at Clyde’s Camp also help save the lives of other dogs and animals. 100% of the profits from Clyde’s Camp help support Chippewa Farm’s rescue activities. Chippewa Farm is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned, and sometimes mistreated or sick animals. Our farm has horses, dogs, pigs and many others. Clyde’s Camp’s services include Dog Boarding, Day Care and Dog Grooming. 

About Clyde

Our Story Clyde and DirtOur story begins in 2007, when a large, charming black Labrador Retriever, who had been abandoned in a park in Atlanta, introduced himself to us. He immediately became a member of our family and we named him Clyde. Our facility was designed with Clyde and other dogs like him in mind. Because of this, we created Clyde’s Camp as a tranquil, safe place where your dog can expend his energy and then relax. Like Clyde, your pup will be well-exercised, doted upon and happy, allowing both you and your pet to rest easy while you are apart.

About Chippewa Farm

Chippewa Farm is a 138-acre private residence dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of horses and dogs. We are honored to partner with Save The Horses — a registered non-profit 501c3 organization. Most of all, we specialize in rebuilding the trust in humans that is so often lost when a horse or dog is abandoned or abused.

Donations to help us with our work are always welcome. Any donations made above the cost of your dog’s care, are 100% tax deductible.