Our Staff

All of our staff have been working with dogs and horses for many, many years. All staff members are long-term owners of pets and have worked in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals for many decades.

Our Camp Managers are :

Jennifer Roche – Camp Manager – Jennifer has owned animals all her life and has been pet sitting for the last 5 years. Pet sitting services included caring for injured animals as well as healthy ones. . All the animals she cares for love her vibrant and caring personality. This is shown by the excitement and greeting she gets when she walks through the door.

Our Staff  Our Staff

Pamela Bailey – has worked in dog and horse rescue for 25 years. She is also a qualified pet groomer. Prior to working at Chippewa Farm, she worked on the management team at a large horse and dog rescue in North Georgia for 7 years. She has extensive experience working with horses as a hunter/jumper trainer,  judge and barn manager. Many of the techniques for horse training are useful in managing dogs. We believe by understanding an animal’s body language, you can gain their trust and respect and then establish a true connection with them.

Our Staff  Our Staff

Localized Veterinary Care

Clyde’s Camp has partnered with several veterinary services in the local area to provide routine and emergency care.