Our Featured Adoptees

At Chippewa Farm and Clyde’s Camp, we regularly adopt, or are gifted animals that need some attention and a good home. Please take a look at our featured adoptees, and contact us of you, or someone you know, may be able to provide a home for them

The following dogs and horses are our featured adoptees and are available for adoption. They have been sponsored by Chippewa Farms and we are looking for good foster or permanent homes for these lovable creatures.

Each month Clyde’s Camp website will highlight a dog and a horse for adoption. We hope that you can find room in your hearts and homes for one more.

All rescue and foster homes will be subject to inspection and approval by Clyde’s Camp or its rescue charity partners.

The Story of Hammy – Hammy (aka Norway and Wink) – Hammy is another of our featured adoptees looking for a permanent loving home. He is with You Lucky Dog rescue and is being fostered at Clyde’s Camp. He is a playful pup and plays all day with Dos and others. He really loves people and just wants to be loved.

We believe he is between 2 and 4 years old and is a neutered male retriever mix. He is friendly with many dogs, but can be a little over bearing for quieter dogs, although he totally respects Rebbie our elder statesman of 13 years. He loves his daily walks and is excellent on a leash. He has his own fan club of visitors that come to see him and play with him.

When he was rescued he had an injured eye, which was removed and is all healed up – hence the nickname Wink.
Our Featured Adoptees  Our Featured Adoptees


You can find adoption details by calling us or through http://youluckydogrescue.org/dogs/adoptable-dogs/norway



The Story of Dos – Today we fostered “Dos” a little girl who was saved by the work of the animal control officers of Rockdale County. This wonderful group of people took their Sunday, a day off,  to come to the Animal Rescue Fair in Alpharetta, to see if they could get a last chance for 10 animals facing euthanasia the next day. We are glad to say all 10 were fostered or adopted. With 2 Tailz Rescue we saved this little girl. We believe she is a white and black cattle dog mix. She is super friendly to humans. She has some dog issues but nothing that cannot be overcome with a bit of work. Attached are videos and photos of this precious girl. We hope you can help us find a loving home for this baby. She deserves lots of love and care.

Dos and Chop  Dos Car  Dos Corky