Nosara Refuge for Wildlife

Costa Rica

We actively participate in the following charities in Costa Rica, including, Nosara Refuge for Wildlife, for animal rescue and welfare.

Nosara Refuge for Wildlife

Our founder and owner, Candida Petite is Board member of the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife, a Costa Rican non-profit that rescues, rehabilitates and releases Howler Monkeys.

The growth of tourism in Costa Rica has been an economic plus for the country, but it has taken an unforeseen toll on wildlife. Increased need for power means more electrical transformers and power lines, most of these are un-insulated, and the howler monkeys are being electrocuted when they contact them as they pass between trees looking for food.

This growth, and the change it has brought, is having a devastating effect on the country’s howler monkey population. In 1998 the howler population was at 107,000, today it’s less than 37,000. Many of the monkeys that are killed are mothers with babies. The babies survive but with severe burns.

The Refuge for Wildlife is the first responder to electrocutions and other monkey incidents. If a mother dies (most do), RFW takes in the orphans and raises them.

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We always have an urgent need for donations, children’s soft cuddly toys, towels and hot water bottles for the baby monkeys. If you wish to donate any of these items please contact or bring them with you when you bring your dog for boarding or grooming.

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