Additional Services

We provide Grooming and Dog Welfare Services that can be booked as part of your package, or on a stand-alone basis

Grooming and Dog Welfare ServicesGrooming and Dog Welfare Services

Clyde’s Camp also offers Grooming and Dog Welfare Services for your dog, either as a part of your boarding or day play package, or stand-alone .

Please call ahead to arrange these services. Clydes’s Camp: (770) 235-4294.

We do not charge for standard medications given with food. However, we do charge for more extensive medical care.

General welfare and other services are an important part of your dog’s health. Things like grooming, clipping and nail trims ensure that your dog is healthy and comfortable.

If requested, we also offer a ‘Home Time Bath’ for dogs that have taken ‘full advantage’ of our farm trails and open fields.

Pamela Bailey – has worked in dog and horse rescue for 25 years. She is also a qualified pet groomer. Prior to working at Chippewa Farm, she worked on the management team at a large horse and dog rescue in North Georgia for 7 years.

Bathing and Grooming 
•      Small Dog (<25lb) $20.00
•      Medium Dog (25-50lb) $25.00
•      Large Dog (50-80lb) $35.00
•      Ex-Large Dog (80lb plus) $40.00
Other Services 
•      Nail Trim $10
•      Clipping – Small/Medium dogs  $45
•      Clipping – Large dogs  $60
•      De-Shedding $30
•      Ear Cleaning $10.00
•      Teeth Cleaning $7.50

 Prices are subject to change. Please confirm pricing with us.