What Your Dog Will Be Doing

We have many dog activities at Clyde’s Camp. We’ve gathered some photos and listed some typical dog activities below.

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What Your Dog Will Be Doing

dog activitiesYour dog’s day will be focused around exercise and fun, with several packages designed to meet your pup’s needs.

When the weather co-operates our guests spend most of the day outdoors with supervised play times on real grass and trail walks. We also have large supervised indoor play areas on days when the weather is less than awesome!

Dog Activities


Your dog’s day will start with an individual walk in our quiet yard where they can take care of ‘business’ before tucking into a healthy breakfast.

Morning dog activities continue with playtime in our supervised play areas and a good walk on the trails around the farm.


After a short rest over lunch, afternoon playtime will be back in our supervised play areas, with another trail walk before evening feeding time.


Late evening will see your dog go back out into a quiet yard area to go to the bathroom before our guests get a late night treat and turn in for the night.

Feeding regimes are, of course, subject to your dog’s routine and needs.


Sleep time is when your pup will be able to snuggle down in our recently remodeled 2000 sq. ft. indoor play and sleeping facility. We have a variety of large sleeping bunks, 6’x10’ for large dogs and 6’x6’ for smaller dogs. All bunk areas have off the ground Karunda beds and optional privacy curtains to ensure calm and quiet if needed.

Each bunk has dedicated dog potty pans where your dog can relieve itself, and a high tech pressure washing system to keep your pets environment sanitary and healthy at all times.

Our dedicated staff live onsite and is on call for emergencies, day and night.