Clyde and his Family

Clyde and his FamilyClyde’s family consists of 9 rescue dogs, 8 here on Chippewa Farm and one in Costa Rica.

Clyde’s Story: Clyde’s Camp is named after this dear boy. Clyde, now a 100lb big and boisterous black Labrador was thrown out of a car and abandoned at a park in Buckhead at the age of 6 months. We believe the owner couldn’t afford the pet fee at her apartment so threw him out when she thought she might get evicted.

Clyde and his Family:

Roscoe– was adopted from Dekalb animal shelter after being resident there for 1 year. He soon became an important friend to Clyde and his family as he  was the only one who could put up with Clyde’s rough playing as a puppy. They loved each other from the moment they met. We can’t thank Dekalb enough. He is such a sweetheart and wins everyone over with those big eyes.

Clyde and his Family      Clyde's Family


TuckerTucker– our small black Labrador was saved from being euthanized  – his military family was transferred from the county and couldn’t find a home for him. The vet tech saw what a lovely boy he was and begged them to wait an hour before they euthanized him so that she could try to find a new home. Through a network of rescues we got a call. The military family were thrilled and so were we. That was 6 years ago and he has loved life with Clyde and his family ever since.


Bugs Lap DogBugs- (named because he looked like a bug when he first learned to run)  – is a blonde Labrador. He was tied up on a 10’ rope in a yard for the first 10 months of his life. His owner wouldn’t let him in because, as a puppy at 12 weeks old, he scratched her wooden floors. When we got him he had no muscle at all and couldn’t even walk ¼ mile. This boy just loves cuddling and especially being on your lap.



Uno– a  is a sugwate (Costa Rican for mixed breed)  – she is our beach dog. She had lived on the beach with no owner for her first 5 years. She was run over by a drunk on a quad bike and it broke her leg. The vets in Costa Rica had no x-rays nor an ability to fix her leg so we flew her into Miami and drove her back from there. She has a pinned leg and it took her 2 years to rehab her leg by swimming in the lake. She now runs through the woods and fields with a big smile on her face until she crashes out for the night with her prize log of the day.

Uno with broken leg  Uno running  uno

Snoop– a “sugwate” – a Costa Rican jungle dog, was rescued when he crawled out of the jungle in front of our car. We stopped and saw that he had been ripped apart by a pizote (a wild animal with claws like a bear). We took him to the vet, had him sewn back up and flew him back to Atlanta to continue his rehab. He has the most crooked back legs you will ever see, but he also loves his life with us and runs miles every day with his brothers and sister.

Snoop  Snoop Rescue 3 stitched up  Snoop 4 rescue

George– is our goofy 100lb Hound and Great Dane mix. He is the puppy of the bunch. He was thrown in a dumpster on Christmas day at 8 weeks old. A friend heard him crying and brought him here. George just loves to play and can entertain himself and us all day. He will frequently be seen entertaining staff and guests at Clyde’s.

George Pup  dog play

Boo Boo– is our Costa Rican dog. Nosara Animal Care found him with dislocated hips and open wounds. We suspect he may have been used as a bait dog for dog-fighting. He was very dog aggressive and needed a home for one dog only, so rather than bring him here, we have made arrangements to keep him in Costa Rica. He now lives in a house looking at the ocean and lounging in a comfortable bed. He loves to swim in the ocean which is great for his hips. We are gradually working with him to make him less dog      and stranger aggressive and he has come a long way in 6 months.



Dos  – a much loved “Foster Failure” we couldn’t bear to part with this little girl after we fostered her in June. She was saved  by the dedicated animal control officers of Rockdale County. This wonderful group of people took their Sunday, a day off,  to come to the Animal Rescue Fair in Alpharetta, to see if they could get a last chance for 10 animals facing euthanasia the next day. We are glad to say all 10 were fostered or adopted. We saved this little girl with the help of  Two Tailz Rescue .

She had dog aggression issues but we are working with her anxiety issues with training and lots of love. She loves life and gives so much love back to us as she looks up at us with her black eye patch, she has become a favorite with all the staff at Clyde’s Camp.IMG_1823 Dos and Chop

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